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 House Avarasai Harassment Policy

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PostSubject: House Avarasai Harassment Policy   House Avarasai Harassment Policy I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 6:19 am

As opposed to creating an actual policy for harrassment, instead we will be placing an open letter to those who participate in harassment here. In case it doesn't get the point across: Harassment of any type will never be acceptable nor will it be tolerated in any conceivable form, and if you choose to partake in such behavior anyhow, House Avarasai's leadership will not rest until you are banned, blocked, and ridiculed by every decent person we can get the information across to. This includes other guilds, Blizzard, the local police, federal authorities, and even your parents should we manage to get your personal information. Consider yourself warned.

Dear Internet Bullies,

I am taking the time out of my night to write this to you all, to let you know exactly what I think about your behavior. While I am an adult and have long-since moved past the grade school practices of intimidation, name calling, and bullshitery, it is evident that you have not and I would like to take the time to thank you for that.

Please know that while your words might sting for a moment, they will provide us all with endless stories to tell our friends for years to come while you question why it is that no one wants you around.

Please know that we will never forget you, as we will be too busy laughing at your sorry ass for the shit you decided it was a fantastic idea to sling.

Please know that I personally find your antics amusing, much in the way that I find thoughts of every person similar to yourself becoming old, bitter, and forever alone so very amusing.

Please realize that while you might get your kicks from hurting people you don't know, they will move on with their lives regardless and will do so with their pride intact. You are, in fact, accomplishing nothing except burning bridges that might have one day led you to wonderful, magical places that you don't deserve to even dream about, like places where you have friends or love.

While in your eyes it might make someone less of a person because they have a different skin color than you, are a different gender than you, love different sorts of people than you, or are a different religion than you, please understand that your bigotry and illogical hatred are looked down on with the same sort of disdain by the majority of the population.

While you smirk at this and go 'lol, he's so mad', also please realize that I wrote this with a giant grin on my face because deep down, I love people like you. Afterall, you are the rejects of evolution and a burden on the society in which you live, and one day you're going to find out that society has far, far larger balls than you do, my friend. It will be the greatest, most amusing tale of them all when it breaks you.

GM of House Avarasai, Thoraen (85 Paladin)

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House Avarasai Harassment Policy
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