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 [Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank

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[Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank Empty
PostSubject: [Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank   [Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 5:54 pm

OOC Application

This is all OOC information about yourself and your own information on your character. It defers from the IC portion as it is the player themselves writing about the character.

Player Information

Name: Luka

Age: 23

How long have you played World of Warcraft?: Roughly 5 years.

What are the characters, classes, and servers you play on?
Thoraen, 85 Paladin, WRA
Aionis, 85 Warrior, WRA
Kaithiel, 85 Priest, WRA
Banediel, 85 Rogue, WRA
+ About 14 or so retired characters, many of whom are capped. All on MG/WRA/Area 52

How much experience do you have with PvP?
I have been involved with arenas in the 2s bracket since season 4 and in 3s since season 6. I was titled in seasons 6 through 8, and have the 2400 achievement on my retired paladin. I have 10k HKs or more on most of my characters, have played in the 19 and 29 twink brackets, and run a grand total of 3 RBGs.

How much experience do you have with RP, both in game and outside of it?
The majority of my RP experience is out of game. I LARP, chat-RP, and forum RP with my RP circle. I have roughly 12 years of experience with such using a variety of 'worlds'. In game, I have been a lore-abiding RPer since 2008, so four years of experience.

What is your favorite part of lore?
My favorite part of lore would be the Sin'dorei. I am, and always have been, enamored with their history and their culture. I enjoy nearly every bit of their story - from the poor souls that followed Kael'thas to the tarnished Blood Knights and beyond.

What is your least favorite part of lore?
My least favorite parts of lore (there are two because I hate them equally) are Garrosh and also, interestingly, the Sin'dorei. I absolutely despise the former and think that he was the worst possible thing that could have been put into the game for RPers to connect with and fight for, and I can't stand how the latter has been completely unchanged since Burning Crusade. I mean, really. Does it take -that- many years to rebuild a damn wall and find a competent leader?

What does 'godmodding' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where godmodding would be permissible?
Godmodding is forcing an action out of another player, either through concepts or through emotes. Examples are enemy faction characters that your character can't attack (and the guards won't attack because the person is playing on a Horde character as another race) for the former and an emotes such as "Thoraen smashes Daerias in the face and breaks his nose." for the latter. The former, in my opinion, is far worse and is never permissible. The second could be used as a very powerful storyline tool when done in closed stories with players who greatly trust one another and are aware of where the modding will go.

What does 'metagaming' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where metagaming would be permissible?

What do you expect from our guild?
Interesting development, high quality, friendly people, and a drama-free environment.

Character Information

Name: Thoraen Kelvalir Avarasai

Age: 19 (Human terms. I use these because people can't agree on ages generally.)

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei

Brief Physical Description:
The young templar stands at a rather tall height, his frame that of a man trained for combat. An athletic chest tapers into a slim waist and long legs, his musculature firm and toned. He carries himself with a confident bearing, chin held high and shoulders back.

His facial features speak more accurately of his age, expressive and youthful; His jaw is square like that of a man's, occaisonally sporting stubble but more often not. His eyes are a fel-tainted green and rimmed with long lashes, generally wide and observant. His nose is slightly too big for the rest of his features, a natural aquiline shape. Set below this are plump lips pulled most often into a content smile, lending to a usually pleasant expression.

His hair is a nearly white platinum blonde, typically worn in a ponytail or loose about his shoulders, a few choicely placed strands framing his face.

When not wearing gauntlets one might note a signet ring on his right hand, set with the crest of the House of Avarasai. The only other jewellery he wears would be the series of thin gold rings that adorn the upper ridge of each ear, six on each side.

Should a person see his bare back, they would find his family crest tattooed along his left shoulderblade, and a thick scar running along his ribcage on the front right side.

Brief History:
Thoraen Avarasai is the youngest of three sons born to the Avarasai family. He was educated by private tutors and spent little time among his peers as a child.

Thoraen enlisted with the Argent Crusade the day he was physically and mentally cleared to be able to do so. He served with the 4th Battalion, 1st Templar Regiment under the command of LtCol. Ophirion Velashael. He was named Captain of the 7th company of the same regiment, based out of Hearthglen.

With the recent death of his father, as the last living Avarasai male, he has been bestowed with the Avarasai lordship.

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Posts : 41
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[Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank   [Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 5:54 pm

IC Application

((Since my character is neither a guard, nor a member of the Inquisition, I chose to use a letter. This one, addressed to Daerias, marks the first step he's taken in a long while towards lordship of House Avarasai.))


When you get the chance I could use your help at the manor. I'm going to be going through my father's old things and moving some of mine up to the lord's chambers, and I could seriously use a hand. You don't even want to know what tugging armor up all those stairs is like.

Also, how are things with the Crusade? I've missed my duties there, it's been boring as hell getting used to being on leave.

Heir of House Avarasai
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[Approved] Application for Thoraen Avarasai - GM Rank
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