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 Application Process

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PostSubject: Application Process   Application Process I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 24, 2012 9:49 pm

The application process to join House Avarasai can be considered long and tedious to some but through it we seek a level of dedication from our members. While we don't expect your lives to be dedicated to our community or to this game, we do expect to gain loyal members who are looking for a long stay and great memories.

Clearly if you're looking at this post, you've already gone through one of the first steps necessary to join House Avarasai; which is finding our forums. We hope that you've already taken the time to peruse both these boards as well as our website as both contain a plethora of information on our OOC and IC stances, rules, current storyline, and nearly anything else you could possibly need to ask. If there is a case where there's an unanswered question, feel free to contact any available officer and we'll be sure to give you the best answer we can possibly give.

But I've read the rules!

That's great! Now that you're fully informed on our rules, regulations, and any other fun stuff it's time for the actual application. If you were good, you know that it is mandatory, and no we won't make an exception. We're just mean like that. The application itself should no more then ten minutes and requests both IC and OOC information that's necessary for us to figure out if you meet our terribly elitist standards. that you'll be a great fit for us!

At the bottom of our application we have the IC application which will begin the IC portion of you being brought into House Avarasai. Read the helpful bits at the top and fill out whichever portion fits you and then post it up on the 'Apply Here' boards as a new topic. There you go! Your application will be looked over by the GM and Officers and you'll be contacted about it regardless of approval or denial.

I've been denied. Why?

Well it's up to the Officer who denied you to explain that to you. Sometimes it's because you rushed through your application, and there's numerous errors. Other times it's because your character doesn't meet lore standards. These are all things you'll be given a chance to fix. We will accept one rewrite of your application and give you a second go. If the errors weren't fixed and we're forced to deny you a second time, we'll explain this.

Alright. You guys accepted me. This means I get in -now-!

Calm down! We pride ourselves on being extremely fast with looking over applications. Usually you get a reply back the same day on whether you're in or not but just because we've approved the application doesn't necessarily mean we'll initiate the rp necessary to bring you in at that very second.

A lot of us have other things to do both in and out of the game. We simply ask for patience and we promise that we won't forget about you. All officers put recruits on their friends lists and after the OOC interview is conducted you'll be contact by an officer that can ICly bring you into the House. They'll discuss with you the initial rp and once that's done you'll be given your guild invite!

I have to have an OOC interview too?

Yes, you do have to,. It's nothing terribly arduous but it is necessary. We want to get a full idea of who our members are and we really do want to get to know you. We pride ourselves on a close-knit community and we believe the beginning of that is forged through this. We'll bring you into a party typically and discuss the guild, your character, and your role among us.

Is that all?

Yup! That's about the last of it! We hope that you don't find our process to tedious for the community and experience that we offer for our members. It's this process that's led us to have the strong community and great IC and OOC standards. We hope to talk with you soon!
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Application Process
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