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 [Approved] Application for Myrinas Dawnfury - Guard Rank

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[Approved] Application for Myrinas Dawnfury - Guard Rank Empty
PostSubject: [Approved] Application for Myrinas Dawnfury - Guard Rank   [Approved] Application for Myrinas Dawnfury - Guard Rank I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 30, 2012 7:51 pm

Player Information

Name: Ben

Age: 16

How long have you played World of Warcraft?
2 years or so.

What are the characters, classes, and servers you play on?
Myrinas, Warrior, Wyrmrest Accord

How much experience do you have with PvP?
1+ year

How much experience do you have with RP, both in game and outside of it?
2 years or so in WoW, none outside.

What is your favorite part of lore?
Rise of the Horde, Arthas' rise to becoming the Lich King, War of the Ancients, etc.

What is your least favorite part of lore?
I haven't particularly disliked any part of lore as of current.

What does 'godmodding' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where godmodding would be permissible?
Where one player disregards all harmful posts against his/her character, assuming the situation is RP combat, and would demonstrate posts that would therwise beimpossible for the other player's character to protect his/herself from. There is no situation where godmodding should be used or tolerated.

What does 'metagaming' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where metagaming would be permissible?
I assumed metagaming was the same concept as godmodding, where one character blatantly breaks lore or causes other player's characters to be unaffective against their own, ignoring posts. If such is the case, then the same would apply to metagaming as does godmodding, there is no situation where it should be used or tolerated.

What do you expect from our guild?
A healthy, safe, and friendly environment for all members and a place they all feel welcome in. Essentially, good friends and a good home.

Character Information

Name: Myrinas Dawnfury

Age: 23 (Human years)

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei

Brief Physical Description: Myrinas stood at a proud 6'3" 210 lbs with the physique of any armsman, athletic and muscular. Consistent practice with dual wielding blades more than half his size has led to a slightly more built framework than an average Sin'dorei male of his age, however he is not what one would call "grotesquely muscular." His pale blond hair falls just past the middle of his back and the few stray locks in front, on either side of his face, fell easily past his shoulders and to his chest, the soft locks framed a gentle and young face, tanned by constant exposure to the sun in all places of the world. Perhaps the most appealing asset of his soft, and somewhat handsome, features were the bright, piercing jade eyes peering out from behind stray strands of hair falling over his face.

Brief History:
Born into the common family of Dawnfury, Myrinas spent most of his time in Quel'thalas training and studying to be an armsman, as soon as he was ready he lent his blade to the Horde and Argent Crusade in Icecrown where he would hone his skills as a warrior and participate upon the siege of Icecrown Citadel. Myrinas aided in clearing out the small pockets of Scourge hidden away in Icecrown after the Fall of the Lich King before returning home to continue his training and fighting against the Alliance in the name of his people, to protect and serve them in any way he could. He now wishes not only to make the Dawnfury name one to be remembered by his people, the Horde, and the Alliance, but he hopes to aid his kin and protect them by doing so.

IC Application

Guard Enlistment Forms

Name: Myrinas Dawnfury

Age: 23 (Human years)

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210

Fighting Specialization: Skilled in most forms of combat, specializing in dual wielding large weapons, preferably blades, and bows as well as wielding a single large blade. Excluding guns, crossbows, wands and staves I am experienced in using most all forms of weaponry.

Previous units: Served alongside the Argent Crusade and among the Horde ranks in Icecrown, as well as with the Shattered Sun Offensive on the Isle of Quel'danas

Do you suffer from any physical injuries? None currently

Do you suffer from any mental disorders? None currently
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[Approved] Application for Myrinas Dawnfury - Guard Rank
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