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 [Idea] Location Chat

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PostSubject: [Idea] Location Chat   [Idea] Location Chat I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2012 12:13 am

This was something brought up the other day, and again today, but it was never really discussed at length. I think we should take the time to do so now, when people can think about what they are planning on doing for the next three or four months.

I myself have a to-do list a mile long. Here's a sample, and I know I'm not alone in this.
- Loremaster on Thoraen (9 zones left)
- Weekly arena cap via 2s and 3s, would like to finish with 1600 rating.
- Level Aetheron (80), Ophirion (58), druid (40), and warlock (2) to 85.
- Level Emmory (1) to twink (29) and gear him
- Farm out Cataclysmic on 9 characters when the patch hits.
- Weekly runs of MC for the bindings and eye, SWP, BT, and Ulduar if I have time.
- 25k HK ach on Thoraen (currently 15k)
- Switch professions on Thor from mining to engineering (farm out all mats before switch)
- Cap tailoring and ench on my priest.
- Push guild to level 15 via tanking rating in arenas.

I have more to do, and less than a month and a half to do it in. As it stands I realize that I have been absent from RP for about a week, since the announcement that MoP would hit in mid Sept. Since then I have been doing the above and doing it as fast as I can, setting goals for myself and meeting them before I allow myself to RP or play with transmog sets. I also am doing this well contending with the guild and the many character questions while we get settled. In the near future, I may also be contending with drama. I don't know.

My point is this : I know people are getting irritated that I don't have the time to RP at the moment. There are others in the same boat, I know two of the officers are pushing hard for very time consuming achievements, several the same ones I am. As it stands we have a very divided community: those whom are trying to do as much as they can OOCly before the patch, and those who couldn't care less. Both of those are fine, we just need to find a compromise to keep everyone happy.

I have the philosophy that some RP is better than no RP. So far, though, my idea has been met with confusion and dislike, and I want some firmer answers on why or why not this is a good idea for our guild.

Without further ado, my proposition:

Make a channel, either officer chat or a channel like /avarasaimanor, that would represent a physical location, likely the manor, where we can RP paragraph style as a House.

Pros :
- Any time RP. No matter what character you're on, or what you're doing, you can participate without having to physically be in that location.
- RP at leisure. Post at your own pace and style, whether you can post every 30 seconds or every 10 minutes.
- Post from an alt. You don't need to be on your main to RP him/her.

Cons :
- 2 places at one time for those who random RP to kill time. Though I think this can be solved by simply stating that the RP in question happened before or after the events taking place in the channel.
- Possible slower development. When you're not giving RP your all, you're more prone to slower posts and disinterest.
- No privacy. The things you post in that channel would be viewable by anyone, thus possibly limiting what could be said.
- Possible lack of participation. Just because it's there doesn't mean people will use it, and it's no fun to post at yourself.

This would be something that would be limited to the near future, as we prepare for and settle into a new expansion. There will be new content to enjoy, a new PvP season to gear in and push, new locations to explore, and of course both character and profession leveling. My suggestion is simply there to make it so that everyone is getting some RP, even if time doesn't dictate that they should.

I'd like your thoughts on this, and any other suggestions that you might have that could make it better, or replace it entirely.


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[Idea] Location Chat
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