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 Name Change .... wat

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PostSubject: Name Change .... wat   Name Change .... wat I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 6:38 pm

As many of you all might have noticed, we changed our guild name recently and Blizzard sent you all lovely little messages saying so.
There were many reasons behind the switch from <House Avarasai> to <Avarasai>, and I will discuss them below. I'd like you all to know that this was a joint officer decisions. I notified as many people as I could of the possibility before I even had the meeting to discuss it, and I apologize if I didn't get a chance to speak to you personally on it.

Now, for the reasons.

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The above is reason number one. I've read through each page in depth, noted who was saying it and why they were. Ultimately it made one thing very clear : a large percentage of the population not only ignores House RPers but actively lets them know that they are lore breaking via ((discussions)) and griefing. It's important to note that not everyone in that thread is openly hostile towards the concept, nor are the people involved indicative of their guild's views. Take the things said at face value, please.

I did confirm this with other House leaders, including Sunshield. They do take shit for it, people are not supportive and are assholes about it. We've been questioned several times on our House concept, and also been given sad replies when it's confirmed that we are indeed a House to people who would otherwise be interested in RPing with us. While I certainly don't expect to please everyone, I will not put my members or myself in a situation where they are going to be ridiculed because of our guild tag, so I simply left the House part out of it.

Our storyline is not affected. We are not changing concepts.

I do intend to shift slightly towards more of a focus on the guard, which will likely be known henceforth as the Avarasai Battalion, and on the Inquisition. This does mean that there will be less of a focus on the noble plots, but those were not our direct focus to begin with so I don't think there is an issue there.

tl;dr Nothing's changed except our guild name.
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Name Change .... wat
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