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 [Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose

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PostSubject: [Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose   [Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 10, 2012 11:27 pm

For your ears' pleasure, here's some ambiance ~
[Video removed]

Player Information

Name: Angel

Age: 18

How long have you played World of Warcraft? 7 years (6/05/05)

What are the characters, classes, and servers you play on?
+ Dylinial, Blood Elf Rogue (WRA) 85
+ Kalieya, Blood Elf Paladin 80
+ Testra, Blood Elf Mage 77
+ Vardryssa, Blood Elf Hunter 80
+ Amanisera, Blood Elf Death Knight 73
+ Nymphnote, Night Elf Druid 85
+ Arymeia, Night Elf Warrior 66
+ Assari, Blood Elf Warlock 56
+ Kalimatra, Blood Elf Priest 62

How much experience do you have with PvP? Average/Casual

How much experience do you have with RP, both in game and outside of it? Elitist/Logical/Pretty much it all

What is your favorite part of lore? Elves

What is your least favorite part of lore? No idea.

What does 'godmodding' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where godmodding would be permissible? Godmodding, to me, is the ability to not accept character death but would want it upon others. I would only allow this for a planned fight or planned death.

What does 'metagaming' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where metagaming would be permissible? Planned RP (meeting) is permissible. Metagaming, to me, is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. You do not take OOC info into IC unless you permit that person to prevent a long day, etc.

What do you expect from our guild? Friends, Acceptance, RP

Character Information

Name: Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose

Age: I really forgot when I lost the MRP details.. XD

Gender: Female

Race: Sin'dorei

Brief Physical Description:
+Whether she is pretty or not is up to you. I will not tell you she is beautiful, good looking, ugly or what not.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and thus is different for everyone.

+Pale tan.

+ Straight, aquiline nose; square head shape; lips are full, but the bottom lip is a tad larger than its top with a nude tone; decently long eyelashes with a smokey tinge; normal elven eyebrows; a few freckles below each eye; prominent cheek bones but when she smiles, dimples arise.

+Medium length ears.

+Twin to Caprarius. (The Twin Leviathans)

+Height, etc, is explained in the original details under their specific section.

+ Absolutely has the looks of someone who kills or can be hired to.

+ Hosts an almost indistinct bow on her back. There is no quiver because this bow manifests arrows at its owner's will. It was passed down through generations originating from the Highborne to its now Sin'dorei relatives. The bow's name is Fala'andu- IronHydra (Iron Hydra).

+Doesn't show signs of age, looking a little over a young adult. Following this, she has no smile lines nor wrinkles on her face probably from the emotions lack thereof

+Has a tattoo of a spiked serpent (will detail more later) on the right of her hips, about five inches long.

+Petite with slightly wider hips and smaller shoulders (similar to actual blood elf model but more realistic)

+Has a whip on her right hip, as well as twin runeblades. (However her blades change every now and then (not shapeshift, though). Depends on her outfit and my mood.)

+Voice resembles that of the english voice actor for Sode No Shirayuki.

+ Has a tattoo: The tattoo was simple, made in purple ink that was dampened until it looked absolutely dark. Over the years, the ink will not fade unless the person it was inscribed into willfully wishes it gone. The tattoo consisted of a single ornate dagger on the left shoulder blade, wrapped around by a cloak.The ink was made from the remnants of a soul gem. And venom. Inscribed underneath in gothic lettering, writes. "Truth and death."

][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Brief History:
I lost all the information.. Soo.. here's the gist:

+Not your typical rogue. She's moreso a fighter than a sneaker. She is easy to spot when in stealth so if you do a flare and it hits her, she will pop out of hiding. She only hides for recon missions and to try and get the jump on someone.

+ She is moreso a tank of a rogue. A fighter whose swords look to be quite heavy however, are not due to some hocus pocus stuff and all that snowflake fun.

+ She comes from pirate/swashbuckler heritage with a ships he inherited. Her last name was Neph'anis, but it was too close to Nep'ahnis so she kinda' changed it with her sister. Neph'anis meant Leviathan when translated into orcish.

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[Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose   [Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 12:25 am

Denied based on conflict of interest and an incomplete application.
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[Denied] Dylinial "Boa" Venomrose
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