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 Apologies, explanations, and stuff

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Apologies, explanations, and stuff Empty
PostSubject: Apologies, explanations, and stuff   Apologies, explanations, and stuff I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 20, 2012 10:51 pm

Firstly, I'd like to say sorry for poofing the other night during the conversation. It was my boyfriend's birthday and we had just kinda started arguing about something. Not too mention I had just gotten home and was super tired and just frustrated with a lot so I just ended up closing my laptop. Secondly, sorry it's taken me so long to get this typed up and sent to you guys.

Now onward, I'd like to explain myself a little bit because I don't want to be put out there and known for what I feel I MAY be making out to be. (wow, that made no sense to me)

Anyways, NO I do not PvP seriously and NO I do not PvE seriously anymore because my priest has done all DS and I'm not interested in HMs because DS Cata raiding failed....So, no, I don't login into the game to do anything other than socialize, RP, and the occasional BG or random quests or something. When I said "I don't want to get on just to stare at the computer" I didn't mean that I just log into WoW and just sit there lol. I log in, chat a little here and there and if people are busy, that's chill, I let them be and tab out to do LoL or my GW2 RP I have going on or do schoolwork.

I hate having to ask for RP, if I'm told it'll happen, I lean on the other person to collaborate with me when and how it'll go through. No, that does not mean that I always have to have scheduled RP or preplanned, and no it does not mean that I'm relying on YOU to go through with things but if you DO tell me specifically you're going to do something, it does suck that it doesn't happen. I don't want to be the annoying and desperate "girl" that logs on all the time and asks RP? RP? RP? Because I'm not that girl. I simply really enjoy RP and especially when it's with people who are competent and really good at their RP.

Yes, I need to RP with Sly more. She's a cute little character and I personally owe her RP, for sure. I've RPed with Sif and Myrinas as well. Everyone else seems to always be busy Sad

I don't need RP everyday, I don't need RP to last for hours and hours. But a letter....a passing by of hellos anything is awesome. Sure, I can RP outside of the guild, I have no problem with it but currently I'm looking to making my story with Avarasai concrete and not just random RP.

But again, I apologize if you took things I said out of context or that I didn't make myself clear enough. I hope things can go well again, otherwise I think I'd have to move on from WrA to probbaly just start fresh. But I'd like to stay here with you guys because I really have enjoyed myself within the time I've been here.
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Apologies, explanations, and stuff
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