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 Sweet, sweet poetry. Twas the night before patch day.

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Sweet, sweet poetry. Twas the night before patch day. Empty
PostSubject: Sweet, sweet poetry. Twas the night before patch day.   Sweet, sweet poetry. Twas the night before patch day. I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 3:54 am

Twas the night before patch day, when all through the house
Not a keyboard was clicking, and nor was the mouse.
The cokes were all lined on the desktop with care,
In hopes that the expac soon would be there.

The mailbox was emptied, one letter at a time,
I pulled down my auctions, they were past their prime.
My main's bags were emptied, all ready to go,
Except water of course, lest questing be slow.

I came with no offspec, at least none I could play,
Just sat Silvermoon and prayed for no delay.
Back and forth on my charger, he was saddled up too,
Pacing on the path, there was nothing else left to do.

I was already in a party, for I'd quest with a friend,
Silently we sat waiting for Cataclysm to end.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a forum post from Blizzard, and my eyes began to tear.

Apologies and regards, all written in blue,
I begged and I pleaded, but it still remained true.
An eight hour delay, it's nothing, the said,
I cried out 'Well fuck it!' and then went to bed.

I dreamt of the pandas, or ore and of gold,
I dreamt of the battlegrounds that had been foretold.
I pondered my gear and it's gems and enchants,
Lamented the fact that I'd reforged those pants.

When I woke from my slumber I ran out with haste,
I refreshed the forums, hair plastered to my face.
And what to my horror do you think I should find?
No delay after all, I was eight hours behind.

I cursed Blizzard loudly and sat my ass down
Logged in with a coffee, a muffin and a frown.
Perhaps they had heard me all the way in Anaheim
For they gave me the biggest middle finger of all time.

I crashed from the graphics, the sounds, and the load bars,
I crashed from the water, the grass, and the stars.
I deleted the files I believed were the cause,
When I realized my folly, and I took a pause.

Blizzard hadn't heard my raging cries after all
I'd simply forgotten and it had been my downfall.
The most important rule, I recalled with a scoff,
On the night before patch day, you never log off.

Enjoy the new expac guys <3

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Sweet, sweet poetry. Twas the night before patch day.
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