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 Lokien Avarasai

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PostSubject: Lokien Avarasai   Lokien Avarasai I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 10:13 pm

Full Name: Lokien Draedanel Avarasai
Nicknames: Loki
Played By: Kurt Cobain

Class: Rogue
Caste and Position (Title): Noble

Race: Sin'dorei
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Early Spring
Age (Human years): 25
Hair: Platinum
Skin: Lightly tanned
Eyes: Emerald
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210lbs

Place of Residence: Avarasai Manor
Place of Birth: Avarasai Manor

Relatives: Thoraen Avarasai (Brother); Sifaea Avarasai (Sister)
Enemies: Those that oppose House Avarasai

Fashion of Choice: Leathers
Armor of Choice: Blue Leathers, the Avarasai Guard Uniform, his Sunreaver Uniform
Weapons of Choice: Daggers, small blades, a high-powered rifle or a bow.

Special Abilities: The ability to mold in and out of the shadows.

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Motivations: Living day by day, his family, his closest friends (considered family).
Disposition: Realistic, though carefree.

Religion/Philosophy: Agnostic

Sexuality: Bisexual

Positive Personality Traits: Carefree demeanor, a mind of an engineer, pride for his House, a silver tongue. Good fortune seems to follow him.
Negative Personality Traits: Sometimes doesn't know when to take things as serious as they need to be taken, not quite knowing when to hold his tongue, generally not easily angered, though a volcano of rage when he is.
Misc. Quirks: Smokes thistle, is creatively minded, engineers his own devices.

Likes: Midrifts, thistle, his family, his friends, a good time, an occasional ale, engineering, working on his own or with few other people, fire, the stars and the nighttime sky.
Dislikes: People with large mouths, bitchy women, the shadows.

Favorite Foods: A Winter's Veil roast with assorted vegetables and gravy.
Favorite Drinks: Sulfuron Slammers, Peaked Dalaran Red, "Herbal Teas." (Bonus points to anyone finding the last one of that amusing)
Favorite Colors: The colors of flames, gold and white.

Hobbies: Plays the equivalent of a guitar, writes, plays the organ/piano, mixes herbs for poisons.

Details: The male elf stands at 6'5", stride lazy and carefree. He carries his 210lb figure with a devil-may-care attitude that would make even the most carefree envious.

Platinum blonde and long, his hair is generally bound across his left shoulder. Well-kept save a few extra strands, the man leaves it as is, occasionally brushing a strand behind his ear.

His lithe form is wrapped in the leathers of his trade. His most favored leathers being earned in his tour in Northrend with the Sunreavers.

Blades constantly at the man's sides the man seems well defended. Two small belt-satchels hang on either side of the man's waist, vials of liquid hanging between them across his belt. His left eyebrow is pierced by a single small ring, and his right middle finger is wrapped by a signet ring of gold and rubies. He has additionally added a silver ring on his left middle finger that is runed with an emerald. He can commonly be found fiddling with his rings.

Scars mark the man's body in numerous places, mainly upper torso, though a few have found their ways to his arms and legs. If shown, his back contains a tattoo of his house crest, the double headed eagle, with the word written beneath in fine cursive "Avarasai." Across his left shoulder is a dragon, curled about his upper shoulder and trailing down his side to end just below his belt.

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PostSubject: Re: Lokien Avarasai   Lokien Avarasai I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 11:34 pm

That would be the lute! :3
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Lokien Avarasai
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