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 Approved - Application for Aerisande Tavistock (Letter Attached)

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Approved - Application for Aerisande Tavistock (Letter Attached) Empty
PostSubject: Approved - Application for Aerisande Tavistock (Letter Attached)   Approved - Application for Aerisande Tavistock (Letter Attached) I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2012 1:17 am

Player Information



How long have you played World of Warcraft?
On and off since 2005.

What are the characters, classes, and servers you play on?
Ariadonne (mage, WrA)

How much experience do you have with PvP?
Very little. I typically do not engage in PvP because the learning curve is too high and I do not enjoy it.

How much experience do you have with RP, both in game and outside of it?
15+ years of roleplay experience in various chat rooms, games, and forums.

What is your favorite part of lore?
When it comes to WoW lore, my favorite part is the books that have been written recently which supplement some of the events of the world and create truer characters than what we see in game. I have a deeper understanding of some of the world’s events through these books.

What is your least favorite part of lore?
Sometimes the depth of this world is so amazing that I have to sit and do research to properly create a character (which is not altogether bad!) but then I can still get details of the history wrong and look foolish even though I tried very hard.

What does 'godmodding' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where godmodding would be permissible?
To me, godmodding is forcing another player into a sequence of events that they do not necessarily “accept” for their character. An example would be declaring that a “hit” you made (such as in combat) struck, when perhaps the person you are interacting with wants to try and dodge the blow. I do not believe this is an acceptable way to play, unless rules of some sort are established, or a planned outcome (such as in the case of a fight.)

What does 'metagaming' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where metagaming would be permissible?
Metagaming, to me, means using OOC information (such as what I learned in the WoW books) to drive my character’s decisions or words in game. No, my character would NOT know that Jaina and Arthas had a special night long ago, and referencing that event in character is a huge no-no. (A recent problem we saw with this was several people mentioning the mana bomb before it was dropped – when we did NOT have prior knowledge, as I understand it.)

What do you expect from our guild?
I seek people who enjoy RP a great deal and are active with it, as well as a group of friends who can have fun in an OOC forum like vent. I hope for people who still enjoy running old content (raids, etc) as well as groups for the newer content. I want to help others (and of course, be helped) through community crafting and the guild bank. Cooperation whenever possible always makes this game more fun for me, and for everyone, I think!


Character Information

Lady Aerisandë Tavistock

20ish (in human terms)



Brief Physical Description:
Pale blonde hair, green eyes with golden flecks, a little on the short side.

Brief History:
One of three children of House Tavistock, Aerisandë was raised a young lady with education, books, music. She’s always had an interest in writing – short stories, journals. The scourge attack on the city was devastating to her family and her house, leaving her as the only surviving member. In the immediate aftermath she was called up to perform first aid and discovered she had quite the knack for it, and so stole a few moments over the years to study the healing arts.

Her focus in recent years has been trying to retain her house and her family’s name. However, the funding has run low so now she worries more about her own survival, hoping to perhaps turn her energies toward helping her people in their hour of need.


Dear Lord Avarasai,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health.

My name is Lady Aerisandë Tavistock, daughter of Lord Cian Tavistock and Lady Thayet Tavistock, rest their souls. Our families were acquaintances at one point in the past, I recall a garden party at your family’s estate many years ago when I was still quite young. I do not believe our families were terribly close, but I have seen your house name mentioned on several business letters belonging to my father.

As you well know, the scourge attack on our lands resulted in the loss of many nobles and their houses. I lost the whole of my family, including my brother and sister. I have struggled over these years to repair and keep my house in some semblance of order, yet I am afraid my attempts were not successful. My funding has run dangerously low, and I fear the creditors will come knocking any day now. Although belated, it seems that the attack has finally claimed my house as well.

I write this letter to implore you for your help. When the creditors finally come, I will be homeless and in need of some sanctuary. It is well known throughout the city that your house remains strong. I ask if you would please offer me this sanctuary in your home so that I might have some semblance of protection. I need nothing elaborate, just a simple bed and warm meals.

In return, I can offer you the services of a fledgling scribe. I have long been the record keeper of my home and would be content to perform this task in your house. I also have some skill with gathering herbs, and could help keep your potion cabinet ready for brewing. I would be happy to perform any other chores to help in the support and strength of your household.

I thank you for your time, and appreciate your swift response.

~Lady Aerisandë Tavistock

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Approved - Application for Aerisande Tavistock (Letter Attached)
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