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 Aurorien Darkarrow

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PostSubject: Aurorien Darkarrow   Aurorien Darkarrow I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2012 1:59 pm

Full Name: Aurorien Yvaine Darkarrow
Nicknames: Rory
Played By: Cintia Dicker
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Class: Priest
Caste and Position (Title): Noble, heiress

Race: Sin'dorei
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 29
Age (Human years): 17-18 (H)
Hair: Red
Skin: Pallid, taught, freckled
Eyes: Chartreuse
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 105 lbs

Place of Residence: A hut in Nagrand
Place of Birth: Firebird Manor

Relatives: Ithios Sin'dal-- Biological Father
Rowaena Firebird-- Biological Mother
Zalynna Darkarrow-- Adoptive Mother
Kieran Bloodmist-- Adoptive Brother
Phynel & Redilaus Ashbourne-- Aunt & Uncle
Alidraenia, Ephriam and Ororao Ashbourne-- Cousins
Several deceased or missing Firebird aunts.

Enemies: The alliance, and those who saught to destroy her family.

Fashion of Choice: Cloth, typically robes.
Armor of Choice: Battle cloth
Weapons of Choice: Daggers, throwing knives.

Special Abilities: None, really.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Motivations: Honor
Disposition: Cheerful when lucid, although usually scared.

Religion/Philosophy: Atheist

Sexuality: Straight

Positive Personality Traits: Kind, thoughtful
Negative Personality Traits: Impulsive, skittish

Likes: Simple things, reading, sewing, digging, exploring and knife throwing
Dislikes: Things that move too quickly, dancing, strangers

Favorite Foods: Stew, heavy hearty things
Favorite Drinks: Fruity juices
Favorite Colors: Violet

Hobbies: Exploring, digging, reading.

History: Born the illegitimate child of Rowaena Firebird and Ithios Sin'dal, Aurorien spent most of her life in hiding in her mansion. She was taken under the wing of Zalynna Darkarrow and raised as her daughter. Recently returned from the 'dead', Aurorien seems to have been broken.

Storyline in progress, all history subject to change.
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Aurorien Darkarrow
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