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 IC & OOC Policy

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PostSubject: IC & OOC Policy   IC & OOC Policy I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 6:21 am

6) Maintain a clear separation of IC and OOC. IC actions will yield IC consequences. On this note – if your character is so irresponsible, so unlikeable, or so poor a fit that they are removed from the guard it is not a reflection of our own OOC opinions of you as a person.

~Rule # 6 of the Avarasai Rules

I will be further clear on our stance on IC and OOC here.

IC drama is a wonderful thing. We, as RPers, thrive on it. Without IC drama our stories would become dull and boring. Without IC drama our characters would not develop fully.

Let's face it, our characters' lives are not going to be sunshine and rainbows, and we don't expect them to be.

What we do expect, however, is to be judged based on who we are OOCly on an OOC basis, rather than by our character's actions. Just because our character treats someone poorly IC, is an evil bastard, or is simply an offensive, vulgar prick does NOT mean that we are OOCly.

It's this mindset that we keep in how we deal with drama. You are not your character. Your character is not you. We will treat you like seperate people for guild purposes. We expect you to do the same.

On this note, do not bring your IC drama into the OOC realm. Your character has every right to be upset about what happens in his or her life, but you do not. What you willingly RP, you bring on yourself. No one can force storyline on your character without your consent. Your character will not be killed off unless you consent to such, nor can you kill off another person's character unless they consent to such.

Likewise, if you are told OOCly that someone is not okay with RPing something, please respect that. You wouldn't want your character modded for you, forced into situations you can't control, so don't do it to another. Plus, generally if someone doesn't want to RP through something, it means that doing so will ruin their story or make them very uncomfortable OOCly. It is never okay to do either of the above to someone.

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IC & OOC Policy
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