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 [Approved] Application for Lokien Avarasai - Captain Rank

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PostSubject: [Approved] Application for Lokien Avarasai - Captain Rank   Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:19 am

Player Information

Name: Zach

Age: 20

How long have you played World of Warcraft?: Since the beginning of TBC.

What are the characters, classes, and servers you play on?:
Lokien - Death knight - WRA (PvP Main)
Lokiaen - Rogue - WRA (RP Main)
Waronair - Paladin - WRA (Alt)
Revek - Shaman - WRA (Alt)
Zarakael - Hunter - WRA (Alt)
Varenar - Warrior - WRA (Alt)
Charrend - Warlock - WRA (Alt)

How much experience do you have with PvP?:
High experience in 3v3, Minimal RBG experience as a shaman healer and Blood Death Knight Flag carrier.
Multiple seasons of 2v2 and 3v3, since Wrath

How much experience do you have with RP, both in game and outside of it?:
I've roleplayed since my start in WoW, evolving in skill and in-depth storylines since my start. I started to roleplay only a few weeks after starting to play WoW.

What is your favorite part of lore?:
The Ebon Knight and Argent Crusade lore, as well as the Ashen Verdict. I loved the entire Northrend area and to date the Ebon Knights and Argent Crusade as a whole fascinate me.

What is your least favorite part of lore?:
Likely how untouched the Sin'dorei are in terms of lore. Given a simple Regent-Lord to pacify for a faction leader in TBC and no sort of say in anything having to do with Horde politics, it seems like Blizzard just threw them in and left them where they stood.

What does 'godmodding' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where godmodding would be permissible?:
Godmodding is when someone forces your character into a situation or does something without another character's consent. The only situation where I find godmodding to be permissible is when you yourself are being godmodded towards, you have the right to godmod walking the hell away from whoever is forcing your character to do something.

What does 'metagaming' mean to you? Is there ever a situation where metagaming would be permissible?:
Metagaming is the use of OOC information for IC gain or power. I don't think there's any reason to metagame, as I mentioned in godmodding. The two tend to go hand in hand, so simply walking away would be the best idea when you know someone's metagaming.

What do you expect from our guild?:
A friendly, RPPvP atmosphere where I can come home, log in and relax with friends that I enjoy spending time with.

Character Information

Name: Lokien Draedanel Avarasai

Age: 24 (at death)

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei (Ebon Knight)

Brief Physical Description:
The male elf stands at 6'5", stride lazy and carefree. He carries his 210lb figure with a devil-may-care attitude that would make even the most carefree envious.

Platinum blonde and long, his hair is generally bound across his left shoulder. Well-kept save a few extra strands, the man leaves it as is, occasionally brushing a strand behind his ear.

His lithe form is wrapped in the leathers of his trade. His most favored leathers being earned in his tour in Northrend with the Sunreavers.

Blades constantly at the man's sides the man seems well defended. Two small belt-satchels hang on either side of the man's waist, vials of liquid hanging between them across his belt. His left eyebrow is pierced by a single small ring, and his right middle finger is wrapped by a signet ring of gold and rubies. He has additionally added a silver ring on his left middle finger that is runed with an emerald. He can commonly be found fiddling with his rings.

Scars mark the man's body in numerous places, mainly upper torso, though a few have found their ways to his arms and legs. If shown, his back contains a tattoo of his house crest, the double headed eagle, with the word written beneath in fine cursive "Avarasai."

Brief History:
Lokien fought for the Sunreavers in Icecrown, as a scout. After the fall of the Lich King, he spent a few tours around Icecrown, cleaning up the rabble. Recently he's taken to spending a bit more time away from his once-called home of Icecrown, making his way back into the city and his home manor.

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PostSubject: Re: [Approved] Application for Lokien Avarasai - Captain Rank   Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:24 am

Guard Enlistment Forms

Name: Lokien Draedanel Avarasai

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Sin'dorei

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 220l 210lbs

Fighting Specialization: Scout, shadow-walker, marksman.

Previous units: Sunreavers

Do you suffer from any physical injuries?: None current

Do you suffer from any mental disorders?: None current
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[Approved] Application for Lokien Avarasai - Captain Rank
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